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How can I apply for a second passport for business purposes?

It is recognised that some business travellers require a second passport to allow for travel when their current passport is being held by an Embassy for visa issuing purposes.

Passport Card

If you need a second passport for business purposes, you may wish to consider applying for a Passport Card.
The Passport Card can be used for travel within the EU/EEA and Switzerland and is recognised as a valid travel document by the relevant national authorities.
In order to apply for your Passport Card, you must have a valid passport book.

Passport Book

If you require a second passport for regular business travel outside the EU, you may apply for a second passport book. First time applications for a second passport for business passports cannot be done online. A paper application must be submitted. It is necessary to provide the same documents required as for a standard passport renewal application. In addition, you must provide evidence of the need for a second passport. 

  1. You must submit a letter on headed paper from the head of your company or your human resources department outlining why you require a second passport. 
  2. The letter should detail your position and length of service with the company and certify your travel commitments.
  3. Include a detailed list of projected business travel for the coming months to countries where visas are required. 
  4. You should provide evidence that demonstrates your passport was held for regular periods of time at embassies while waiting to obtain a visa. 
  5. Your application should be supported by a company registration certificate. 
  6. When sending your application, you must submit your current or expired passport book and your current or expired second passport (if applicable). 
  7. If you require your current passport to be returned to you following submission of your application, we advise that you submit your application at the public counter. Otherwise, your current passport will be retained for the duration of the processing time.

Important Information

All applications for second passports for business purposes are considered on a case by cases basis, and extra time must be permitted to process such an application.

Second passports for business purposes are issued with restricted periods of validity of up to a maximum validity of three years.

The renewal of a Business Passport is not automatic. Business passports can be renewed online or via a paper application. Renewal applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and additional supporting documentation may be requested.

Further information, including a tax compliance certificate, may be requested where deemed necessary.

Unless stated otherwise, original documents must be supplied. Please do not send photocopies or laminated documents. All documentation must be in English or Irish.